Playlist August 2017 – THIRD WEEK

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Top 10 Songs Of The Week

Playlist AUGUST 2017 – THIRD WEEK






1. Under The Bed – Diatryma Paddock

2. All That Remains – The Thunder Rolls 

3. Avenged Sevenfold feat. Warren Fitzgerald – Runaway

4. Nickelback – Song on Fire

5. Of Mice and Men – Back To Me

6. Art Of Dying – All Or Nothing

7. Asking Alexandria – I Won’t Give in

8. As Lions – The Great Escape

9. Gojira – The Cell

10. August Burns Red – Invisible Enemy




Of Mice and Men, Back to Me, Valentino Arteaga, Phil Manasalsa, Alan Ashby, Aaron Pauley,metalcore, nu metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative metal, Top 10 Songs of The Week, weekly playlist

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