Playlist July 2017 – FOURTH WEEK

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Top 10 Songs Of The Week

Playlist JULY 2017 – FOURTH WEEK





1. Linkin Park – I’ll Be Gone – In memory of Chester Bennington R.I.P.

2. Chevelle – Door to Door Cannibals

3. Seether – Stoke The Fire

4. Nothing More – Let ‘Em Burn

5. Black Map – Run Rabbit Run

6. Killswitch Engage – Cut Me Loose

7. Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth

8. Rammstein – Ramm 4

9. Epica – The Solace System

10. Slash feat. Miles Kennedy & The Conspirators – Bent To Fly




Epica - The Solace System, Epica, Nuclear Blast, symphonic metal, The Holographic Principle, Top 10 Songs Of The Week, playlist

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