RAMMSTEIN: Live at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theatre

Rammstein logo, Rammstein, Till Lindemann, German metal, industrial metal, Reise Reise, Mutter, Sehnsucht, Herzeleid, Liebe ist fur alle da, Rosenrot

RAMMSTEIN: Live at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theatre

Lineup: Rammstein and 3Teeth

June 25th, 2017



A review by Gerswin Reynolds



Rammstein, Jones Beach Theater, Rammstein concert, New York, industrial metal, German metal, Till Lindemann



In 2017, nearly every music critic is declaring “Rock is Dead,” and even Kanye West himself echoes these words by proclaiming “we [rappers] the new rocker stars.” But Rammstein seems to be one of the bands today that continues to thrive and keep the spirit of rock alive. Perhaps it’s because they refuse to play by the rules or that they are never satisfied, maybe it’s simply because their music is that good. If nothing else, it’s their spectacular live show.


In my experience, Jones Beach Theater had never been as frantic and lively; fans swarmed the Jones venue in droves. 3Teeth opened the show with a short but stellar set consisting of songs like Divine Weapon, and Slavegod. Their blend of industrial rock harkens back to older acts like Ministry and early Nine Inch Nails and offers a great compliment to Rammstein. Their stage show was much more stripped back, focusing on delivering a powerful performance that could inspire the crowd.


Rammstein’s show began with a ticking countdown timer. At the zero mark, fireworks shot out from the top of the stadium as if from a machine gun—an early sign of things to come.  The band opened with Ramm 4, a song that hasn’t officially been released by the band, but has all the musical tropes that made them one of the most celebrated acts in rock and metal. The song lyrics reference the names of their songs, while the guitars, bass, and drums put forth a driving rhythm.



Till Lindemann, Rammstein, German metal, industrial metal, Jones Beach Threater, Rammstein concert, 25th June 2017, New York



From there, the band treated the audience to a medley of their biggest hits, from Reise, Reise, Feuer Frei, and Mein Herz brenntThe crowd roared with each song, singing and shouting along to words despite it being in German. The songs sound as good as the album, a testament to the quality of the show and to their talent.


While explosions are a staple of their performance, the most exhilarating moments came during the Ich tu dir weh, where singer Till Lindeman dragged the keyboard player into a tub and set that tub on fire, and in Engel, when Till floated above the crowd wearing metal Angel Wings that spewed fire. Most impressive was during the band’s signature song, Du Hast when the stadium itself blasted flames from its light towers. The audience was left in awe.


It’s been 22 years since Rammstein released their debut album, Herzeleid, and the band is still pushing boundaries. They continue to put out quality music that Rammstein delivers a powerful and memorable live performance that not only exceeds fans’ expectations but is enjoyable to anyone who would attend.



Gerswin Reynolds



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Rammstein logo, Rammstein, Till Lindemann, German metal, industrial metal, Reise Reise, Mutter, Sehnsucht, Herzeleid, Liebe ist fur alle da, Rosenrot












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