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NADIR. HONOUR THE CAVALRY EP. 25 years of life, creation, perseverance and meaningful reflections.

From DARK CLOUDS to NADIR. Bio and discography       NADIR is a doomcore and death metal outfit hailing from Budapest, Hungary. Nadir is Viktor Tauszik at vocals, Norbert…
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INTERVIEW: Viktor Tauszik from NADIR on new concept album The Sixth Extinction.

NADIR.   “Friendship over all. Draw inspiration from any source. Have a good time. Benefit from every moment spent together.” Viktor Tauszik.             SICK AND…
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NADIR. THE SIXTH EXTINTION. La corruzione terreste e l’estinzione delle specie viventi nel nuovo album dei Nadir.

NADIR. Chi sono. Doomcore death metal da Budapest rodato dal live.               I NADIR sono un outfit doomcore deathcore da Budapest, Ungheria dove la…
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